Snow Boots for Toddlers that Work!! (Happy Baby rating)

So I must clarify here that I have NOT received any incentive to write this (no money, no free samples, not even a message from the company).

Tahra wearing her new purple Bogs during a snowstorm.

Tahra wearing her new purple Bogs during a snowstorm.

The only reason I am featuring this product here is because it rocks and because I wanted to share that with other parents who might be struggling to find the right snow boots for their kids, like we were. We have finally found them and thought we’d share.

Tahra has been walking since she was about 9.5 months old (she is now 17 months old), so any kind of shoe that restricts her running around is a problem. She also loves snow, and we wanted to give her a chance to really play, go sledding with us and enjoy the winter fun, but after weeks looking for the right boots, we were losing hope of finding something she could really enjoy wearing.

First of all, these are the problems we found with most other boots:

– Too heavy.
Don’t manufactures realize how light these little people are? Some of the boots we tried were almost 2 pounds each. That is a total of 4 pounds being carried around by a 23 pound baby. She would have gotten tired in 2 minutes and we would have ended up having to carry her around instead of watching her frolic. Not a chance!

– Too Bulky.
I appreciate it when shoes are well made, but when there is a thick layer of rubber around the sole, those small feet can’t walk properly. Some of the boots we tried, that looked great, made her walk like a penguin.

– Too many ties and buttons
Tahra is pretty good at letting us put her clothes and shoes on, but it already takes us almost 20 minutes just to walk out the door in the winter. We have to deal with the multiple layers, the snow suit, the jacket, the scarf, the hat, mittens, etc… The last thing we need is a pair of boots with buttons, ties and zippers, all of which have to be undone and re-done, just to get her feet in.

– Too expensive
Seriously? As much as $250 for a pair of snow boots that will last us 2 months if we are lucky? Our money doesn’t grow in trees…

– Too ugly.
Some of the boots looked like they were made for use during military exercises in Antarctica. No colors, no style, no fun.

The solution:

So, right when we were about to give up, we came across a pair of boots that made the world a better place… BOGS.

So here are some reasons why we love these:

– Super light but warm.
They are about 5 ounces, but also keep her feet pretty cozy even with only thin socks on.

– Not bulky
Tahra actually get excited about putting these on and can walk on them with no problems.

– Pull handles
No buttons, ties, zippers that get stuck.

– Reasonably priced
About $40 – $50, which is pretty average for kids boots.

– Cute, cute, cute…
They have dozens of colors and styles. We prefer avoiding patterns in her shoes in general, but even those were nicer than the usual cartoon character or princess you tend to see on other boots.

There is one minor problem. The velcro on the back doesn’t allow you to tighten it much. It hasn’t been an issue, but I can see how it could be tricky if you need to fit them over stockings only, for example., or if you buy them too big.

stock-illustration-96021-04Otherwise, these are, by far, our favorite boots this year. Hope this review can help save some other parents from the traps of heavy, ugly, hard to tie snow boots.
Happy Baby rating.

Author: Taty (Mom)

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