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The idea of homeschooling can seem overwhelming, but with a little guidance, we can find ways that it could work for your family and start enjoying the process with your child. There are as many ways to homeschool as there are families, but sometimes all a family needs is a little support and information.

After almost 2 decades tutoring and working with homeschoolers and decades of experience as a teacher and as director of education for different programs in NYC, and being a homeschooling mom myself, I can help you find ways to work through the obstacles of homeschooling with a broad perspective that balances your child’s needs, your family’s dynamic and a broader view to anticipate what your present and future needs might be.

Some of the ways I can help:

  • What you need to know before you start homeschooling
  • How to plan your homeschooling day
  • Curriculum development for all budgets that fit your child’s personality
  • School standards (if you want the flexibility of having your child return to school eventually)
  • Different ways to homeschool
  • De-schooling and alternative education methods
  • Homeschooling children of different ages at the same time
  • Homeschooling Gifted children or children who learn differently.
  • Homeschooling in NYC
  • Helping you prepare documentation that complies with NYC’s DOE ( Intend to homeschool, IHIP, Quarterly reports, etc)
  • Information about standardized testing for homeschoolers
  • Homeschooling transcripts
  • Homeschooling during COVID
  • Decolonized Curriculum
  • Living Math

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Author: Taty (Mom)

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