Math resources that are also lots of fun!

Math seems to be one of those topics, like writing, that kids either love or will avoid at any cost, but sometimes what matters most is how you tackle a challenge.
There are lots of ways of bringing fun to mathematics: Manipulatives, real-life applications, entrepreneurship projects , yard sales, and yes, websites and apps.
Below you will find a few of our suggestions:

Prodigy Game (Free with option to pay for upgrades)
Prodigy is a super fun game fantasy game for a broad range of ages, that requires that the kids answer math questions to be able to progress. Because the math questions are embedded within the gameplay, they don’t feel forced, and the kids are rewarded by getting the right answers. It is not in itself a tutorial for the material, but it is a great practice of concepts and test prep.

Adventure Academy (30 days free, paid after that)
The creators of ABC mouse developed a multiplayer world for older kids that happens in a school very much like Hogwarts, where students run around and learn new things in every room they visit, and solve quizzes for points and to get objects. Very well designed to keep the kids entertained and trying new material in all subjects.

Dreambox (free trial then paid)
Dreambox is a gamified practice website ( that is very different from the free app with the same name), where kids do practice questions for points, while the website adapts to their level. Not a full gaming experience like the ones above, but interesting and can get the kids practicing concepts.


Beast Academy
Beast academy has books and an online version to choose from. The main special feature of this curriculum is that the books are written in graphic novel format, with friendly monster characters explaining the concepts. Their online version is very well developed, with videos to help the kids understand concepts along the way. The only disappointing aspect of the online version is that the graphic novels were not animated, so they are just the books in online format.
The other thing to know about Beast academy is that they are also a highly advanced math program, with a focus on thinking math rather than pure memorization and can be very challenging for kids following standard school curriculum. It is always wise to take their placement test before choosing a program.

RightStart Math
A curriculum that focuses on hands-on, manipulatives, self-discovery based materials.  The price can e higher than other options for the full set, but it offers a lot of manipulatives that could be costly if purchased separately.


Author: Taty (Mom)

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