A Beautiful Solution For Your Most Special Digital Pictures (and a bonus)

If you are anything like me, you have more digital pictures than prints of your child, your trips, and most important event in your life. I proudly announced at the end of last year that I had 8000 pictures on my phone (all dutifully backed up) from the previous year. Most of them were pictures of my daughter, little moments in life I would never experience again but that were, hopefully forever, stored in digital format for me to access when those momentsin my mind started to get that foggy vagueness time can bring.
There is, though, a certain soulessness to digital files. Their ease of transport maybe, but most probably the medium we use to view them on. Screens are not as warm as paper, canvas or cloth. There is a certain life in real life materials that you can’t get from pixels and bits. We decided to start printing pictures for our daughter, so she could also start re-living those moments together without the distraction of trying to use the phone or tablet herself. The difference was amazing. She started asking questions about the pictures, memorizing the names of the people in them and showing them to others. It was as if her life was now one of her beloved books.
But what about the very special moments? What can we do to bring those to life for her? While searching online, we found canvas printing. That seemed like the perfect solution. We decided to order a print from Easy Canvas Print.
canvaspreviewTheir prices we extremely affordable and process was surprisingly easy. You select what kind of canvas you’d like, sizes, they   give you a preview of what they would look like in a living room and you are then given a few choices about how you want your picture placed on your canvas (which you can simply skip if you prefer). Uploads can be done from your computer or directly from Facebook or Instagram, and the site will let you know if the quality of your picture would look good in the print size you selected. Prices are also clearly displayed, so there are no surprises when you get to the checkout.
We received our canvas print earlier than their estimated arrival, which was already only a few days away, and the print looked beautiful. Bright colors and clear lines. All in all we were extremely happy with it, which is why we decided to share it with you.
Tahra looks at the print often and always says “mommy, dada and Tahra” when she does. I think it is comforting to see our family displayed on the wall, especially when one of us isn’t home. It’s a reminder to all of us that what is most important should always be featured with care in our lives and homes…our family.
Easy Canvas Prints
When told about the article, the nice folks of Easy Canvas Print also offered us an awesome discount to our readers and friends:
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Disclaimer: we contacted them about our interest in their product, and were offered a coupon for a free print. That has in no way influenced our opinions here.

Author: Taty (Mom)

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