Letters to Our Daughter – (1 Week Old) The Love for Bodily Functions

The Letters to our Daughter posts consist of some excerpts of the diary we have written to her since  we found out I was pregnant.  

July 24, 2012  (1 week old)- Messy times

Dear Baby girl

You are one week old today and you had your first doctor’s appointment. You are perfect! We didn’t need the doctor to tell us that. No matter what, you were perfect from the time we sang you songs inside mommy’s belly. It’s nice to hear it from a doctor’s standpoint as well, though. 🙂


Marvelous Bed of Wonder

Marvelous Bed of Wonder

After having nursed for 2 hours straight mommy was worried you were still hungry, then you had a spit up so big it went up your eyes and to the back of your head. Mommy just heard daddy say:” Oh, no… ” and went to check on the mess.
We went to clean you up from the spit up and you had a huge poop and as we were changing that you peed all over daddy and yourself and we had to change all your clothes.
You know your life has changed, when being spit up, pooped on and peed on makes you feel happy, loving and alive.
Now, all cleaned up, you stare at the bed, which you love so much that we named it “marvelous bed of wonder”. We aren’t sure why it’ so fascinating. Yes, the contrast and all those fun things, but seriously, you could stare at it for hours. 
We love you,  baby girl, and may you always wonder at the marvelous things in life, even if they come in the form of a high contrast bed header. 🙂

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Author: Taty (Mom)

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